Brutal Tops

BRUTALTOPS is bringing you fetish videos capturing hard and raw, nasty and humiliating sex scenes, photo galleries and great quality movies, all fom UK. This site is for kinky and fetish lovers who wants to watch tough models and top guys showing no mercy to their subservient bottom boys. Watch spitting, fisting, threesomes, domination, humiliation, hard and rough scenes in fantastic quality and enjoy every moment you spend here with them!

Breeder Fuckers

BREEDERFUCKERS trick and capture straight guys, lock them in fully equipped playroom, strap them to the table or just use their naked body. Two, sometimes more nasty doms are using them to their sexual liking. They even torture them, stick sex toys in their butts, they are aggressive and brutal. So if you like BDSM, bondage and have fetish fantasy, you will definitely enjoy this site capturing straight guys being used, abused, manhandled, humiliated, punished and forced to do all sorts of dirty stuff!

The Casting Room

THECASTINGROOM is going to show you what the film casting is all about. All guys coming here are thinking it’s casting for a straight men role but the opposite is true. Guys strart with an interview, they get examinated, weighed and measured. Also they have to pose in front of the camera in order to see how they look and you can watch all their body details from every angle. Watch those straight guys leaning over and spreading their cheeks giving you an exclusive view right now!

Strip Search Hell

STRIPSEARCHHELL is a new site which is going to take you inside of a police station or jail where you will witness body search of newly arrested guys. Their body search is very detailed so you will be able so watch all scenes like you were there too. Enjoy their hardcore fetish and BDSM content, which gets updated frequently. Those full-body searches which will rough up all guys here are for those of you who love fetish and kinky scenes so don’t waist your time and start to enjoy it right now!

Sordid Auditions

SORDIDAUDITIONS is stucked with British guys who think they are at audition for Hollywood. But little they know about real end of this session. But in order to get the role they are willing to do anything even when it come to stripping, cock sucking, ass stretching. It all starts with very realistic interview, all models are uncomfortable, but loosen up later on. Enjoy their nasty scenes, quality movies and great content which will entertain you for quite some time!

Sneaky Peek

SNEAKYPEEK is the site for voyeur lovers who love to watch sportsmen captured in locker rooms, changing in fitting rooms, taking a piss or even in the privacy of their own homes. Enjoy tons of amateur cocks, naked asses, pissing scenes in more than 600 vidoes which you can download. Join the membership and start enjoying all content these guys have in store for you. Different locations, amateur guys undressing, pissing and just hanging out without knowing they’re being filmed, that’s waiting for you to enjoy!

Rugger Bugger

RUGGERBUGGER is bringing you naked bodies of sportsmen, or their balls accidently popping out on the field, captured fully or half naked in locker room. All happening on purpose or by accident. But perfectly captured on camera for you to enjoy from the comfort of your home. You would never expect to see hte scenes we have here for you. So sit back, log in and start to enjoy this original site which is loaded with fantastic content. Enjoy!

Groping Hands

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